History and Mission


The San Francisco State University Retirement Association was founded on November 1, 1979, in response to a letter from Professor Ann Paterson of our campus. Her letter was directed to faculty members on various campuses in our system encouraging the formation of retirees’ organizations with the primary goal of increasing retirement benefits. A number of campuses including Long Beach, Sacramento and San Diego State announced plans to establish similar organizations. While Ann declined to become the first President of our newly formed group, she is recognized as the Founder of our retirement associations.

In 1982 the Association began publishing a newsletter that became known as the Off Campus Bulletin in 1988. In 2017, the title was changed to Gater Retiree Gazette. This newsletter is distributed in both paper and by email. In addition, the Association publishes a Membership Directory in alternate years.  Members are encouraged to write about their activities for the Gazette; send articles to the Gazette editor.

Our major activities include raising money for an endowment fund and operating expenses in order to support travel grants for working faculty and staff.  Also important to our networking mission, we organize a St. Patrick's Day and a Thanksgiving luncheon each year plus offering occasional tours or lectures.

We are closely associated with the CSU Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association (ERFSA) from which we receive a 15% rebate on dues that our members pay to it. All of us together are a part of the State Coalition of Retired Employees (SCORE) that coordinates our combined efforts to influence retirement legislation. Our members are eligible to join the Retired Public Employees Association (RPEA). Through our participation with these groups (we have representatives on the ERFA State Council), we receive news about the state budget, CalPERS, long-term care and other items of interest to retirees.

We are a completely volunteer-run organization with no office or paid staff.  We have lots of heroes in our ranks who have organized meetings, kept records and organized many happy hours of fellowship for over 40 years.  We enjoy the camaraderie and encourage you to join us.


Article II Purposes (Retirement Association Bylaws):

The purposes of this organization shall be:

  1. To implement communication between the University and retired faculty and staff.
  2. To operate educational programs related to problems of retired persons, such as housing, medical care and other economic and social concerns.
  3. To work for improvement of the retirement program at the University.
  4. To provide a means for continuing professional and educational activities of University personnel in retirement.
  5. To communicate on behalf of retired University personnel with representatives of the University’s governance – and other groups affecting the welfare of the retired.
  6. To facilitate continuing contributions by members of the association to the benefit of scholarly and other professional objectives of San Francisco State University.
  7. To strengthen personal relationships through social gatherings and special events.